Corri Cravings - Guest Post: Corri McFadden

Today's post is brought to you by our favorite mom-to-be, Corri McFadden. Expecting or not, we've all experienced that afternoon snack attack or craving, and Corri is sharing her go-to Foxtrot picks this week!

During my pregnancy I’ve had my fair share of cravings, some expected (pickles, anyone?!) and others not so much, like watermelon with sea salt. Lucky for me, Foxtrot has been there when a craving strikes! Using their app, I can order whatever Baby Z desires at that moment, and have it at my door in under an hour. I’ve even made a habit of placing an order for fresh fruit through Foxtrot before I workout, so when I come home it’s waiting for me. No more scrambling for breakfast! Whether you’re craving sweet, savory or salty, Foxtrot has something to satisfy your cravings, and it’s as easy as the click of a button. As an added bonus, use the code CORRICRAVINGS for free delivery!

[Contest] Hello, my name is...


See this guy on the right? He's the newest member of the team, and he needs a name! Calling him 'hey you' for the rest of his life seems a little rude, so that's where you come in: Now through the end of the month, share your name suggestions with us for the chance to get some $$ toward your next delivery.

Our favorite gets a $15 Foxtrot credit and the distinguished title of Fox Whisperer (way cooler than a dog whisperer).

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment below with a name for our furry new friend (don't forget to include your own name so we know who you are!)


Ready? Put on your thinking caps, channel your inner celebrity and get creative. We can't wait to see what you come up with!


*The fine print: Entries will be accepted Wednesday, Feb. 19 through Friday, Feb. 28 and the winner will be announced by the second week of March. You may submit multiple names. The winner will receive a promo code worth $15 to use on Foxtrot. And let's keep it clean, people- think of the children!


Happy New Year, Chicago!  Our New Year's post is brought to you by Chicago's very own Corri McFadden.  Corri is the founder of eDrop-Off, a well-known life and style tastemaker, and not to mention, a huge fan of Foxtrot!


Ringing in the New Year comes with great joy as my fiancé Spiro and I will be welcoming a new baby this summer.   And although this brings much excitement, it also means this years celebration will be much different than the past.  I now need to swap my bubbly for some Vitamin C and refuel with healthier foods including lots of fresh fruits.

I’m planning an intimate New Years brunch for two (and a half!) and selected my favorite items from Foxtrot to help ring in this monumental year for myself and Spiro.  I created the perfect mix of items to satisfy any post celebration craving (and a few extras in case my honey needs to….)

If you’re too exhausted to get out of bed, or just don’t want to go out into the horrible cold, Foxtrot is the answer! You can order all of these items right from your phone, without even lifting your head from the pillow!

Sweets have always been a must on my menu and I couldn’t resist these scrumptious donuts. I can never decide which flavor I like best so I decided to get a variety of them all.

For a slightly healthier sweet snack, I also decided to make yogurt parfaits with the “Breadworks Addictive Granola”…and they are not kidding with this name!

The bacon and egg muffins have been a staple for my morning rush and the protein bump is perfect after a late night.  Oh, and who doesn’t like bacon!?

Grapes, strawberries, kiwi….yes, please!


Now on to the serious stuff – the cocktails.  Since I cannot partake in these festivities, I decided to go all out and let Spiro celebrate for all of us!  An extensive Bloody Mary Bar is always a must to “Hair the Dog” and we have lots to celebrate, so Moet is in order!  For me, green tea to warm up!


Oh, and who can forget my favorite part – DÉCOR! Roses because I love The Bachelor (ha just kidding!)…just a nice touch to warm up the table along with these amazing candles.  Add place cards and you have a delicious brunch to kick off 2014!


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